Containerised storage is our core business activity and we believe our facilities in Mijas Costa next to Fuengirola (Malaga) are second to none. There are many reasons why people will need to store their belongings at some point in their lives and Britannia Southern can make the whole process very straight forward. Our storage units are the ideal option for those who will not require frequent access to their items, during property moves or renovations.


Industry standard 7m3 250ft3 storage container used for storing household goods

Goods are stored in our industry standard 250 ft3 / 7 m3 wooden storage containers. The internal measurements are W150 x D211 x H224 cms. These versatile storage units are stacked three high within the warehouse by means of a reach truck. Each container is labelled accordingly and it's location is noted on our system. The client has sole use of the container and can have access to it with 48hrs notice. These containers are large enough to easily store three seater sofas and super king size beds.


At present Britannia Southern has over 320 storage containers at our centrally located depot in Mijas Costa (25 minutes from Marbella and Malaga), which is equipped with 24 hours security and remote video surveillance. To put this into perspective we have the space to store 70 x 20ft shipping containers! The building is situated on a privately owned industrial estate with access gates and provides a perfect environment for the storage containers, free from dust and humidity. For your peace of mind we also provide insurance cover (flooding, fire and theft) while your goods remain in storage through Mapfre.

Busy Britannia storage warehouse with reach truck in operation and porters carrying boxes

Clear Prices

Each 7m3 container is invoiced at 50,00 Euros per month plus 21% I.V.A plus insurance. Monthly charge per container including IVA and insurance cover comes to 62,00 Euros. For long term storage we offer a special rate of 300 Euros for 6 months (includes IVA and insurance). This special rate is subject to certain terms and conditions.

Legal Contract

The client is obliged to sign a legal contract at our premises - this clearly defines the rights and obligations of both parties. Please beware of rogue traders offering cheap storage space without guarantees of any kind. Britannia Southern has been trading on the Coast since 1978, that's over 40 genuine years dedicated to the storage industry.

Door to Door

We can collect your goods from anywhere on the Costa del Sol and inland. Our variety of removal vehicles allows us to reach the most difficult of places. If access and parking is good for our truck we can load your goods directly into the storage containers. For city centres and rural areas we have smaller vans that are better suited.

Container Truck

Mercedes 3 container removal truck being unloaded by fork lift

We bring the warehouse to your front door. Thanks to our purpose built "container truck", furniture and household goods can be loaded directly into our industry standard 7m3 wooden storage containers at the client's home (depending on good access and parking). Handling is kept to an absolute minimum, considerably reducing therefore the risk of accidental damage to the client's possessions.


Any oversized items that aren't able to fit in the container are labelled and noted on a separate sheet. Items such as ladders and curtain rails are placed in a designated area and long rugs are placed flat on a specially designed pallet.
Unfortunately there are certain items that cannot be allowed into the warehouse, these include: Poisonous, flammable or corrosive items such as fuels, paints, varnishes, insecticides, bleach, oils, matches, candles, propane, butane, paint thinners, aerosol cans & cleaning chemicals, Illegal items, Perishable goods that may attract vermin such as food, Furniture that contains woodworm or termites, Firearms or ammunition, Animals, Live plants, Drugs, Jewelry and Original documents such as insurance policies, wills, birth certificates.
Although we don't operate a self storage facility you can still access your containers providing you give us 48hrs notice. Bear in mind that containers are stowed away in aisles and aren't readily accessible at a minutes notice. If there are items you wish to retrieve from storage before others, we suggest that you inform our crew on collection and they'll place them at the front of the container or dedicate a whole container to them depending on the quantity. There's a small handling charge associated with this service.
We've noticed that some of our competitors on the Coast are advertising the standard wooden storage container as an 8 cubic metre container. We feel this publicity is very misleading because the 8m3 refers to the external volume not the true space available to the client's goods (internal volume).
Certainly. You can use a rent-a-van or even another removal company if you prefer. As long as you don't require assistance to unload the van and stow the goods into the container there are no extra charges, otherwise you'll be charged our normal handling fee.
No, we don't. Unlike the smaller moving companies that have limited space and use self storage companies when they are full, Britannia Southern has ample storage facilities which you are welcome to visit. We're not storage brokers or commission driven intermediaries. The storage contract you sign is strictly between the client and Mudanzas Britania SL.
We require at least 7 working days notice to guarantee a date, especially during the peak periods of summer and the run up to Christmas. The more notice you give us the better we can organize the redelivery of your goods although we do understand that property transactions and unforeseen delays may prevent this from happening.
Unfortunately we don't cater for this type of storage. If you're storing commercial goods that require you to be constantly in and out of the self storage unit day in day out, then self storage is definitely for you. You have the freedom to come and go as you please without having to make appointments. However, if you are storing furniture and household goods it is unlikely that you will be wanting to access them every weekend. Don't be brainwashed into believing that self storage is the answer for everybody - it isn't. We can guarantee access to your containers within 48hrs. Containers are placed next to your vehicle - there is no distance to walk.

Mobile Self Storage

Small van and trailer used for mobile self storage in Fuengirola and Mijas

Mobile storage has rapidly expanded over the last few years. The process is very simple: We load an empty storage container onto a trailer at our warehouse, drive to the client's address and stow the goods safely inside the storage container. Once the container has been filled we drive back to our warehouse, off-load the container with a fork-lift truck and place it inside our warehouse. Please contact us to know more about this service.


American size pallet 120 x100 cms inside the warehouse of Britannia

We also store commercial goods preferably on pallets to allow easy movement within the warehouse and for easy unloading & loading purposes. Storage rates depend on the floor space required for the consignment and the length of time in store. Over the years we have stored jacuzzis, pool tables, new furniture, magazines and tiles just to name a few. Please feel free to contact us with your requirements.


This practical video produced by our colleagues at Britannia Sandersteads of London shows how to fill a standard 250 ft3 container. Properly stowing goods into a container requires experience and, of course, a bit of common sense. It's a known fact that a customer can waste a lot of space by not following certain techniques such as interlocking dining chairs or placing sofas on end. Because containers are moved from time to time by means of a fork-lift the weight of each container has to be distributed evenly with heavy items placed on the deck and lighter ones above.

Video courtesy of Britannia Sandersteads