The standard of packing will greatly depend on the type of removal undertaken (Local, National, European and Overseas) and whether or not the goods are to be transported exclusively in our own vehicles. The removal cartons can be packed by Britannia or be owner packed depending on which option is selected in the quotation. Furniture is wrapped as follows:


Packing glassware - Britannia Southern (Spain)

Furniture is generally blanket wrapped on the truck. Blankets provide enough protection on these moves, where the goods stay on the same vehicle with the same staff from start to end. Our vehicles are fully equipped with a sizeable amount of woollen blankets to protect your household contents. We also have quilted covers at your disposal for protecting sofas, armchairs and mattresses in transit and we provide hanging garment carriers for moving clothes the easy way without creasing. Goods coming into storage are wrapped in a similar way unless their final destination is abroad. If the client would like our staff to export wrap certain items of furniture this can be specified in the quotation for you.


Wrapping and Packing - Britannia Southern (Spain)

Furniture is export wrapped using foam laminated bubble wrap. Our crew will use this versatile material to wrap your antiques, paintings, mirrors, dining table tops, TV's, pianos, lacquered and varnished items of furniture and any other piece of furniture that requires that extra protection. The laminated layer helps prevent the bubble wrap from sticking to the surface and accidentally removing the paint or varnish. We will also wrap your rugs, soft furnishings, large vases, shelving, headboards, chairs and other items. Glass and marble tops that require special care are bubble wrapped and then further protected with thick foam edges. Mattresses are protected with polythene covers to keep them clean at all times.


We strongly believe our removal cartons are far superior to others available online and in local establishments. Our cartons are double-walled for extra strength and durability, not wafer thin like others on sale in DIY shops along the coast. Please visit our packaging shop in Mijas close to Fuengirola to be convinced we only sell top quality boxes. You'll find that our prices are clearly on display and we always stock a large quantity in our warehouse. Dimensions of boxes are Height x Length x Depth in centimetres. Prices revised December 2022.

Standard carton56 x 46 x 46 cms3.50
Book carton36 x 46 x 31 cms2.50
Wardrobe carton105 x 47 x 51 cms12.00
Linen carton36 x 95 x 48 cms4.00
Picture carton72 x 95 x 11 cms3.50
Sheet of cardboard180 x 100 cms3.00
Self Pack outer carton92 x 102 x 28 cms6.00
Mattress coverSingle4.50
Mattress coverDouble6.00
Roll of PPS tape125 mts x 48 mms3.50
Roll of bubble wrap10 mts x 50 cms5.00
Roll of bubble wrap20 mts x 50 cms10.00
Roll of bubble wrap40 mts x 50 cms15.00
Roll of bubble wrap40 mts x 100 cms25.00
Roll of bubble wrap
150 mts x 1.2 mts95.00
Roll of bubble wrap - with foam60 mts x 1.5 mts100.00
Roll of bubble wrap - laminated75 mts x 1.6 mts175.00
Roll of shrink wrap - black
50 cms x 170 mts. 2.4 Kgs12.00
Foam edge protector1.8 mts long3.00
Wrapping paper - pack of 15 kgs
535 sheets (65 x 90 cms)50.00
* Price excludes 21% IVA. Local delivery service is available (conditions apply)

Self-Pack kit

What is a Self-pack?
This practical and versatile box is the ideal solution for people that need to get on with the packing using strong removal cartons delivered to their front door via a courier service. All cartons are sent in a protective usable outer case, not shrink wrapped or loose. This outer case ensures the cartons arrive in optimum condition, not dirty, bent or gauged. This large carton can also be reused for packing pictures, bedding, a flat screen TV, toys, etc. Once packed, the overall volume of the 21 cartons is almost 2 cubic metres or 70 cubic feet. Our price for this Self Pack delivered to anywhere in mainland Spain is 125 Euros + 21% IVA. We accept payment via card or bank transfer. Delivery is within 5 working days.

The Self-Pack contains:

  • 10 x standard cartons (56 x 46 x 46 cms)

  • 10 x small cartons (36 x 46 x 31 cms)

  • 2 x rolls of PPS sealing tape (48 mm x 125 mts)

  • 3 x rolls of bubble wrap (50 cms x 10 mts)

  • 1 x permanent marker

  • Pack of wrapping paper (approx. 100 sheets)

  • 1 x outer cover carton (92 x 102 x 28 cms)

Self Pack Moving Kit


These boxes are readily available to the general public but are not designed to carry heavy loads and simply cave in when stacking due to the weakness of the cardboard. Using similar sized boxes will make life easier and allow for better stacking.
If rugs are folded they may lose their shape and the creases can take for ages to clear. A tightly rolled-up rug is the best answer, especially if the rug has to be stored.
Tape can leave nasty marks on furniture once peeled off, especially in warmer climates. It's also very time consuming to remove the residue left behind on glass and plastic surfaces.
If something doesn't fit properly in a box then look for a bigger box! You'll compromise the integrity of a box by overfilling it and the contents will also suffer.
Boxes shouldn't be half full or they won't withstand the weight of the ones above, they'll simply cave in and collapse. You should pack tightly so nothing can rattle or move and always strive for a firm pack.
Although it may seem like a good space saving idea, the piece of furniture housing the drawers may suffer damage because of the excessive load. Only leave lightweight items inside the drawers but never breakables such as perfumes, ornaments, mirrors, framed photos, etc.
These bags offer no protection for fragile items and should only be used for bedding, linen and generally anything soft and light. Don't pack anything that can cause harm to the removal crew such as cutlery and glass.
Heavy items such as books and records should be placed into smaller boxes. There is no point in packing your entire record collection into one large box, spread the load into smaller and more manageable boxes. The weight of any single carton should not exceed 20kgs(44Lbs).
A sheet of paper might be sufficient protection for a cup but won't do much for a vase or a plate. When packing a box full of breakables, the aim should be to wrap every item so that it becomes padded and is able to absorb a certain degree of pressure. Packing in layers will also contribute to the desired compactness of the box.
The main disadvantage of using normal newspaper is the ink, this will transfer to your hands and eventually to anything you touch. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish, spend a bit on clean wrapping paper to avoid having to wash all the glasses and plates when you move in.
This may seem trivial but it helps to know which is the correct way to handle a box. As boxes are normally packed in layers, heavy at the bottom and light at the top, if the box is placed upside down then the risk of damage increases significantly.
Books should be laid flat in the box not on their sides. Packing them this way takes longer because you've to fill the gaps but it's definitely better practice.
When you're moving, the amount of boxes around the house can be overwhelming so it makes sense to know what's in each box and have it placed in the right place. It only takes a few seconds to write the contents with a marker pen.
This isn't a problem if you secure the tops and mark the box correctly with arrows but if you don't the spilled liquid can spread to the rest of the load and cause a lot of damage. Items you shouldn't pack include cooking oil, paint and bleach based cleaning materials.
This is a big No-No, although many believe in packing glasses flat there can be no discussion regarding plates, these must be placed upright with plenty of padding below. A guaranteed way of breaking your dinner service is to lay the plates flat.


Wooden crate for fragile items

When items are too awkward to move or have a high value we can prepare custom made wooden crates that offer greater protection during transport. We also stock liftvans for international removals, motorcycle cages, skeleton crates and have a wide selection of secondhand crates.